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El texto es del himno de la plegaria "Shomea Tefilá", que se recita durante Slijot. La melodía desborda penitencia y alegría de espíritu.

Darkeja Elokeinu

Darkeja Elokeinu

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Darkeja elokeinu lehaarij apeja loraim velatovem vehi sehilaseja.
Lema'aneja elokeinu asei velo lanu reei amidaseinu dalim vereikim.


Di-s nuestro, es Tu conducta ser tolerante con los malvados y los buenos; esa es Tu alabanza. Por Ti mismo, no por nosotros otórganos lo que pedimos. Mira como nos paramos ante Ti, humildes y carentes de virtud.


Musical Notes

El texto es del himno de la plegaria "Shomea Tefilá", que se recita durante Slijot. La melodía desborda penitencia y alegría de espíritu. El Rebe la dio a conocer en Simjat Torá del año 5716 (1955)

Compuesta o enseñada por
El Lubavitcher Rebe, Rabí Menajem M. Schneerson

Music notes courtesy of Kehot Publication Society and Chabad Melodies by Eli Lipsker and Velvel Pasternak.
© Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with Chabad.org's copyright policy.
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Discusión (9)
5 Julio, 2013
My soul is touched!
Darkecha elokeinu and the post before me best articulate how I feel in my search on this day.
Robert Kunkel
St. Thomas USVI
28 Diciembre, 2011
where does this song come from?
28 Septiembre, 2009
this song is very inspiring for the high holidays
22 Enero, 2009
Darchecha Elokeinu
Thanks! - I found it, finally, it's in the Maariv Selichot for Yom Kippur [sefard - not sure if it's in ashenaz] - thanks for the info - I'll look to see the complete piyut -
thanks again!
Rafi Metz
Denver, CO
20 Enero, 2009
Re: Selichot
I apologize for the delay while researching the issue. This piyut (liturgical poem), Darkecha Elokeinu, is recited during the Yom Kippur evening prayers -- not during Selichot as was previously erroneously stated on the page above.

The words of the song are actually the refrain of the (much longer) piyut, composed by Yosi son of Yosi, the first such composer that we know of by name from Mishnaic times. In most communities the entire poem is not sung, only the few lines of Darkecha Elokeinu.

Click here to see the complete piyut.

(With thanks to my brother Shalom Hazan for researching the matter.)
Chani Benjaminson, chabad.org
15 Enero, 2009
I've scoured the Selichot section and can't find this - I really want to see the Hebrew and not the transliteration - it's SO beautiful - can you help me find it?
Rafi Simcha
Denver, CO
11 Nov, 2008
Chabad music
The music on this page is a Chabad melody, you can also find many more selections at this link.
Chani Benjaminson, chabad.org
11 Nov, 2008
where can i listen to jewish chabad music on the net?
Thank You
Aharon Niederman
Los Angeles, CA
12 Octubre, 2006
My soul is touched!
I feel like I am at home.
Ashdod, Israel
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